The Importance of Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a cream emulsion, gel or ointment that is used to keep skin soft and supple. It also prevents trans-epidermal water loss and enhances skin’s ability to hold moisture.


When choosing a moisturizer, consider your skin type and needs. For example, people with oily or acne-prone skin should choose a non-comedogenic moisturizer to avoid clogging pores.

It’s the perfect end to a hot shower

Moisturizer is an essential part of a shower routine, and it is important to moisturize even if you don’t have dry skin. However, it’s best to apply it immediately after you’re done with your bath or shower. This is because your skin is still damp and more receptive to the lotion. Moreover, it helps lock in the water and prevents it from evaporating, which can lead to dryness.

It is also a good idea to use a body moisturizer that is specifically formulated for your skin type. This is because moisturizers contain a variety of ingredients that help to address different concerns. For example, those formulated for dry skin contain higher levels of emollients and can be more effective at hydrating the skin.

Some people with oily skin may think that they don’t need to use moisturizer, because they believe that it will make their skin greasy. This is a misconception, as the skin needs moisture in order to function properly. Moisturizing will actually reduce oil production and prevent clogged pores, which can cause acne. It will also help the skin to maintain its elasticity and prevent wrinkles. In addition, it will keep the skin hydrated and smooth, which makes you look younger. This is especially important in the colder weather, when the skin dries out more than usual.

It’s a must-have for all skin types

Moisturizing your skin every day is the most important step in your skincare routine, regardless of the season or weather. Drying effects of cold air and indoor heat, hot showers, and harsh cleansers can cause your skin to lose natural moisture. Moisturizers trap or replenish this lost moisture, and help smooth the appearance of your skin by filling in gaps between dead skin cells. They can also help protect your face from the elements and prevent premature aging, especially if they have antioxidants and other ingredients designed to brighten or reduce dark spots and wrinkles.

You can find moisturizers in a wide variety of forms and thicknesses, depending on what kind of skin you have. Light formulas that focus on humectants like glycerin, propylene glycol, and proteins are best for oily or acne-prone skin, while thicker creams with lipids and fatty acids are better for dry skin. Some moisturizers even include other skin-care ingredients such as antioxidants, retinol, and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) to improve the look of your skin.

Known as “the vampire facialist to the stars,” this moisturizer has earned a cult-like following for its nourishing blend of potent antioxidants, hydrating shea butter, and revitalizing skullcap and purslane extracts. It’s also formulated with three different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and soothe skin, as well as organic Nordic birch sap for instant relief from itching and flaking. It’s free of fragrance, alcohol, and other potential irritants, as well as noncomedogenic, so it won’t clog pores.

It’s great for sensitive skin

Moisturizer is great for sensitive skin because it can help to soothe the skin and reduce redness and itchiness. It can also help to prevent irritation by minimizing the amount of irritants like fragrance or other chemicals used in skincare products. It’s important to look for moisturizers that are lightweight, non-greasy, and preferably fragrance-free. For sensitive skin, it’s also best to choose moisturizers that contain soothing ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, oatmeal, and honey. It’s also important to avoid heavy exfoliants and other harsh physical or chemical exfoliants, like apricot kernels or plastic microbeads, which can cause irritation and clog pores.

Occlusives are old-school moisturizers that work by forming a barrier over the skin, stopping evaporation and keeping moisture locked in. They can be quite effective, but they tend to make the skin feel greasy and sticky.

This oil-free, light-textured moisturizer is gentle enough for sensitive skin and rosacea. It contains glycerin, jojoba protein, and wheat protein to soothe the skin, and it also contains niacinamide to help improve the appearance of dark spots. It’s a best-selling product on Sephora with over 9,000 four-star reviews, and it’s fragrance-free. It’s also vegan and cruelty free. It’s a favorite of celebrities and beauty editors alike, including Julia Roberts and Victoria Beckham. The cream has a gel texture that is very easy to apply and leaves the skin with a dewy sheen.

It’s great for aging skin

Moisturizers protect your skin from environmental irritants and the natural aging process. They help to keep your skin’s natural barrier strong by preventing a process called transepidermal water loss (TEWL), which occurs when your blood vessels pull moisture from the middle layer of the skin, the epidermis, and then evaporate it. The right moisturizer will prevent this, hydrating your skin and keeping it looking younger.

Another benefit of moisturizing is that it fights wrinkles. That plump feeling in your face when you put on a moisturizer isn’t just an illusion — people with properly moisturized skin get wrinkles at a fraction of the rate of those with dry, flaky skin.

Moisturizing is especially important after you shower. The process of bathing — using body wash, scrubbing, and being under hot water — can strip your skin of its natural oils and moisture. Then, it’s important to put on a moisturizer as soon as possible.

Some of the best body moisturizers for aging skin are rich in ingredients that will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For example, the Fresh Black Tea Advanced Age Renewal Cream contains a blend of orchid stem cells and red algae to enhance the communication between skin stem cells and connective tissue to lift and firm the skin. It also includes niacinamide to improve the skin’s barrier function and hydration, leaving it soft, smooth, and radiant.